8:00 pm ***Northeast Group Carvel Club 4627 Carvel Ave #2022 INDPLS-North Open, Speaker
8:00 pm ***Sunday Night Step Discussion Carvel Club 4627 Carvel Ave #2022 INDPLS-North Discussion, Literature, Open
8:00 pm ***Centerton Group Centerton Meeting Place (Tuesday 12 & 12 Discussion) 6030 Clay St S-Centerton Discussion, Open
8:00 pm Outstretched Hand Group Christ Lutheran Church (First road north of SR 32) 10055 E 186th St N-Noblesville Open, Speaker
8:00 pm ***Sunday Greenwood Group Greenwood Presbyterian Church 102 West Main Street S-Greenwood Open, Speaker
8:00 pm ***11th Step Prayer and Meditation Southside Fellowship Center 259 E Raymond St INDPLS-South Discussion, Open
8:00 pm Boiled Owl Group St. Mark's Methodist Church, Enter Door #2 (then downstairs) 4780 E 126th St N-Carmel Discussion, Open
8:00 pm Sun. Nite St. Simon Group St. Matthew's Church 8320 E 10th St INDPLS-East Discussion, Open
8:00 pm ***Plug In The Jug Suburban North Club 1811 S 10th St N-Noblesville Closed, Discussion
9:30 pm ***Sunday Night Action Group Club East 441 S Ritter Ave INDPLS-East Closed, Discussion